Youth olympic games 2018 | opening ceremony | highlights | Argentine | athletics | today live update

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Youth olympic games 2018 | opening ceremony | highlights | Argentine | athletics | today live update
Youth olympic games 2018 opening ceremony highlights
Argentine sailors' play leading roles at Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
Top moments from a spectacular Buenos Aires 2018 Opening Ceremony
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The Youth Olympic Games began in Argentina's Buenos Aires, which included a large number of people. This was the first time that the Opening Ceramini was organized on the road. Besides the song, the presentation of Tango Dance was also given during the festival. For these games, 4,000 players from 15 to 18 years of 206 teams will compete in Buenos Aires. Around 2,000 people were assigned responsibility for the smooth function of the ceremony, in which more than 350 artists, musicians and technical people from theater company Fuerza Bruta of Argentina were involved. The inauguration ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games was held for the first time on the road, which saw more than two lakh people reaching. Fireworks also took place during the ceremony, so that the sky of the Buenos Aires rose in the night. Young shooter Manu Bhakra led the Indian team as the flag bearer at the inaugural ceremony of Youth Olympic Games Games. 68 members of India, including 46 players, will present in the challenge of 13 events during this prestigious competition in Argentina. This is India's largest party in the Youth Olympics. The ceremony was quite magnificent with the Olympic ring waving in the air. According to the IOC, during this time, the tango dancer dances in the apartment's balcony on the way to the venue. In the last part of the ceremony, the Youth Olympic torch reached the hands of young Argentine players who were representing all other players.


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