What Is The Perfect Running Cadence? | Running Tips For Triathlon

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Your optimum run cadence is a hot topic. Elite athletes run with a much higher cadence than amateur triathletes. Is this better for your running? How many strides should you take per minute? And should this number change during a triathlon?

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Whether you’re new to running, or an old hand at it; I’m sure someone has mentioned the importance of cadence to you. Simply, this is the number of steps you take per minute - and it seems to be a topic for debate!

A large proportion of amateur athletes have a slow running cadence, taking fewer steps per minute. But, the research suggests that if we want to run faster then we should be striving to run with a higher cadence, and therefore taking more steps per minute.

However, within triathlon, we’re running on fatigued legs having already swum and cycled already. It’s a very different game to just running fresh on fresh legs so, today, we are going to be taking a look at the best running cadence for a triathlon.

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