WEIRDEST BASEBALL DRILL at Great American Ball Park

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This made no sense. Pitching mounds exist for a reason, so why was a player pitching from a staircase IN THE SEATS on the 1st base side? Seriously, what?!

I also saw a coach hitting fungos with a tennis racquet, but this day was much more than weird baseball drills. I also played catch with another fan in the stands (fun!), petted a bunch of dogs wearing Reds gear (cute!), ate a VERY fattening concession item (yum!), dealt with a ton of rain (bleh!), and had to make a tough decision at the end of the night (frowny-face!). Great American Ball Park is one of the best MLB stadiums to watch a game — definitely make it a point to visit someday if you haven’t already.

Tip of the cap to Ian Perlman (@ianperlman) who did a great job filming this video on April 25, 2019. Fist-bumps and bro-hugs to the All-Star duo of Chris Bruning (@iChrisbtv) and Bill Bruning (@billbruning) for editing all the footage. And finally, thank YOU for watching (and get ready for a Yankee Stadium video coming next).

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