Trigger Point your neck (Strength Training for Cycling & Triathlon)

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More time spent out riding our bicycles often means more neck tightness and upper back soreness.... Stretching is a great start in how to deal with the problem, but is only 10% of a true solution.

Trigger pointing your neck may seem like a weird idea, until you realize that you neck is made up of many small muscles that can get tight & tired as well!

In this video World-Leading Strength Coach for Cyclists & Triathletes Menachem Brodie, shows you how you can take another step towards helping resolve neck and back pain from cycling, though trigger pointing the major muscles in the neck.

Whether you are a beginner in cycling, are looking to add something to your post-ride stretching, or are starting to use weight training for cycling and triathlon, this video will help you gain a better understanding of your body, and how it functions for best performances on and off the bike!

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