The Power "Y" Drill | Baseball Hitting Timing Drill (Pro Speed Baseball)

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Click HERE to check out Bonus Video: http://www.prospeedbaseball.com/bonus-video-wall-drill The Power "Y" Drill | Baseball Hitting Timing Drill (Pro Speed Baseball)
Timing is everything when it comes to being a great hitter…

Contrary to popular belief, mechanics make timing harder…

...or easier.

By simply understanding the most efficient way to get the bat into the zone…

... we can effectively make timing much MUCH EASIER with proper mechanics!

In today’s video, we break down how we can drastically improve our timing…

... by understanding just one very important mechanic.

We also have an amazing, easy-to-follow drill that will not only make your timing better…

...but also learn how to release the bat with crazy speed!

Thanks for watching and I hope to help you much more with your game in the future!

Pro Speed Baseball,
Michael Derr

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"Baseball Hitting Timing"

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