The Most Famous Asian MMA YouTuber

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Jeff Chan of MMA Shredded has been making waves in the online martial arts community. In two short years, he's gained over 115,000 subscribers, making him the #1 asian MMA YouTuber out there.

Like many others, my favorite part to Jeff's channel is him using real time sparring footage and his own fights to teach others. His action packed videos provide a unique way of learning martial arts and many people love it.

As a long time Muay Thai prospect with a 24-2 amateur record and now a 3-1 Pro MMA record, much of his fans expect him to go for the UFC dream. He even got recruited into Tristar recently by Firas Zahabi to help camp for Aiemann Zahabi.

However, what makes his story the most interesting is that he has no plans for the UFC, even though his coaches think he can go all the way.

So, this interview is here to share his story: how did Jeff get into martial arts, what it's done for him, how he got into content creation, and much more. My favorite part to this interview is him differentiating fighting in MMA from Muay Thai, and also what his real aspirations are.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I'll be sure to bring more interesting interviews to you guys in the future.

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Jeff's Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/mmashredded/

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