The Hit Lab Hitting Talk Part 4: Baseball Swing Mechanics & Mindset

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I was fortunate enough to get together with some of the best hitting minds in the world and talk hitting. In this fourth of many videos that will be published, we talk some Baseball Swing Mechanics, baseball mindset, and hitting tips that you should definitely take note of if you aspire to be an elite hitter or hitting coach. These Baseball Swing Mechanics, mindset, and hitting tips are not only simple but they are very effective as well.


Follow The Guys

Casey Smith, my teammate from the San Diego Padres Organization, @outfronthitting on Instagram, hitting coach to many current and future big leaguers.

Jason Ferber, San Diego Padres Scout, Elite Hitting Instructor, @coachferber on Instagram, influencer of many young athletes.

Nate Headley, brother or Chase Headley my former Padres teammate, @nheadley14 on Instagram, hitting development guru.

Joey Lewis, owner of The Hit Lab in Nolensville TN, @thehitlabllc on Instagram, stud catcher and hitting specialist extraordinaire.

Pat Biondi, NY Mets, @patbiondi5 on Instagram

Freddy Jehle, @freddyjehle on Instagram


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Thanks so much for watching these baseball swing mechanics hitting tips. If you want to learn more about hitting or baseball in general be sure to subscribe. Drop any comments or questions down below. Talk to you down there!

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