The Canyon Speedmax – Evolution Of A Triathlon Super Bike

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The Canyon Speedmax has made an impression on the triathlon world with three consecutive wins at the Ironman World Championships. We look at the evolution of this triathlon superbike before checking out the latest entry level and top end models.

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In association with Canyon.

We have been invited out to Germany to the factory of our new partner, Canyon. Over the last decade, their bikes have evolved and conquered a lot in their time, and in doing so have paved the way for a large range of different level triathlon bikes. So, today I’m going to be taking a close look at those differences between the entry - the mid - and the high-end bikes.

Before we head over to the latest models, I actually thought it would be worth us taking a little trip down memory lane, well 10 years back anyway.

As with many bike brands, the designs and the technologies that go into bikes change a lot over the years, and as they advance, we tend to see a trickle-down of these technologies from the high-end bikes, all the way to the entry level bikes.

So, here we go...

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