Superfrog Triathlon 2012: Lance Armstrong Wins!

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www.BikeWearWorld.com and www.uRide.tv were on location in Coronado, California for the annual Superfrog triathlon. This year was very different. Events sanctioned by bodies governed by the WADA code are very strict and by the book with zero tolerance for any sort of misinterpretation, so to speak. Therefore, Lance Armstrong was left no choice but to race in local, regional, national and international races with grass roots efforts. This is cool because a lot of our national local races need support and community efforts. Which brings us to mention the droves of triathletes and cycling fans that came out to support the military, local triathletes and Lance Armstrong. San Diego bike shops represented. From B&L, Nytro, Moment, Performance, Adams... I think we saw almost everyone! Manufacturers came to support also like SPY sunglasses and Cytomax. What was weird was that Lance killed it! I don't think anyone was anticipating that, but he did awesome. Nice job all tri peeps! and Leon Griffith did amazing also...even without the 330 watt output on a power meter

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