South Beach Triathlon - April 14, 2019 - South Beach, Miami, Florida

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South Beach sunrise and the fam crashing the gates at the South Beach Triathlon on April 14, 2019 in Miami, Florida in memory of the one and only Joe Saunders.

Big ups to the guys @fullthrottlenation for guiding me through the Triathlon spectator process. Without their tips I would have missed every shot of my squad doing it up on the beach. Very gracious, very friendly!

I saw a guy wipe out when his tire exploded on a turn and sprayed out all this Alien blood looking white liquid - dude went down like a champion - came up instantly without a scratch - wheeled his bike to the sideline, pumped up his tire with a spectator's bike pump (obviously) and then went on with the show. Full Throttle Dudes were quick to explain that it wasn't actual Xenomorph blood (disappointing). I nodded like I understood that it wasn't space blood-liquid, but in my mind I still witnessed an acid-blood-bike-tire expulsion.

They also set me up with an app on my phone what I could see if my dad finished the swim portion of the triathlon - for this I am eternally grateful. Definitely saved me a lot of worry.

I would also like to thank and apologize to the guy at the end of the video who stopped me from crossing the finish line with dad - I would have disqualified him.
He understood I was excited and although he had to wrap me up touch-football style, we ended the encounter amicably.

It was a spectacular weekend and my first time visiting Miami - luckiest guy around!

#SoBeTri #LifeTimeTri #IfINeverTri

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