Shaping the Future We Want: The Year to Date and Looking Ahead

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Although the recent adoption of backward-looking policies and legislations at the local level pose a serious threat to hard-won women’s rights, women are still making significant strides towards gender equality through multilateral efforts.

Leaders at the G7 Summit in Canada (2018) and the G20 Summits in
Buenos Aires (2018) and Osaka (2019) have made serious commitments to advance women’s economic empowerment but implementation remains key.

This panel takes stock of the local, national and international progress
made in the last year, and how we can and must build on it.

The Chatham House Gender and Growth Forum is an annual forum which brings together a committed group of action-oriented policymakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and academics to generate key policy ideas and support the work of the Women 20 (W20) and other international forums.

The central idea behind the forum this year is about finding solutions to re-shape the world of work so that it works not only for women but for society as a whole.


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