Reacting To BTS MMA 2017 For The First Time (Intro + DNA + YNWA + Spring Day)

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Reacting To BTS MMA 2017 For The First Time (Intro + DNA + YNWA + Spring Day)
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[BTS (방탄소년단) - Intro Performance, DNA, YNWA, Spring Day] Live @ Melon Music Awards (2017 멜론뮤직어워드)

© LOEN Entertainment, Inc.

Just uploading/sharing this since it wasn’t officially uploaded. It was live streamed but many missed out on the performances. Let me know if you have any issues with me sharing this video thanks.

I am NOT the owner of these clips. These clips belong to LOEN Entertainment, Inc., who run the MMAs. Please allow me to keep this up. Thank you.

If there are any copyright related issues, please email me. Thank you.

2017 멜론뮤직어워드

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