NESS BASEBALL - Smash Ultimate Custom Gamemode Funny Moments!! (Part 1)

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The banana gun mayhem of the previous ruleset overwhelmed the guys, so it's time to get creative! We're going on a game design adventure on this episode, starting from the beginning as we build the most bombastic baseball game of all time! Join us to see what beastballs can really do and how much fun you can have with just a dumb idea and a projectile reflector!

People involved:
Michael Pagliaro (Pags): Player 1
Matt Lefurge (Lefurge): Player 2
Juztyn Ott: Player 3

Songs used:
0:00 - Krusty Krab Training Video Opening
0:20 - Swing for the Fences! ~ Super Mario Party
0:38 - Main Menu ~ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
1:16 - Who Will Seize Tomorrow? ~ Super Mario Party
2:14 - Victory Fanfare ~ Final Fantasy VII
4:10 - Titans ~ Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash
5:35 - The Show Must Be Go ~ Kevin Macleod
7:24 - Guardians at the Gate ~ Audiomachine
7:35 - Buy Something Will Ya! ~ Earthbound
8:09 - Benny Hill Theme ~ Edwin Davids Jazz Band
10:00 - Big Blue ~ Mario Kart 8

Intro Song: "Two Feet and a Heartbeat" from Runbow
Outro Song: "Multiplayer Results" from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
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#NessBaseball #SmashUltimate #CustomGamemode

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching! You're the best :D

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