Muay Thai/MMA Combo: Switch Kick, Leg Kick, Hook, Uppercut, Knee

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This advanced Muay Thai/MMA striking combination utilizes a variety of strikes coming from all angles and is a ton of fun to practice on the muay thai pads at full power (but gauge appropriate strength of the low kick to protect your training partner’s arm from injury).

The combination starts with a fast switch kick. The switch kick takes practice to execute properly and if you need to, see the instructional video that teaches that specific technique here: https://youtu.be/sHxvemn4ikQ
After the high switch kick, the plain of attack goes from high to low and changes side as a low leg kick is executed. Try to position the foot that is returning from the high kick in optimal position to support an immediate low leg kick from the right side (if you start the combo in orthodox fighting stance). Utilize the bounce-back momentum of the landed low kick to return the kicking leg in position and throw a hook from the same side. Now continue the combo with punches and throw an uppercut from the other side. From here it’s natural to change sides once more and deliver a hard knee to the midsection of the opponent, capitalizing on the opening created by the uppercut.

The variety of angles used in this combo makes it more difficult for the opponent to defend against.

Individual techniques used in this combination:

SWITCH KICK https://youtu.be/sHxvemn4ikQ
ROUNDHOUSE KICK https://youtu.be/BBSV6f2JNEA
HOOK https://youtu.be/qae0CRsKxKM
UPPERCUT https://youtu.be/Cc4ZSQ7C9ko
STRAIGHT KNEE https://youtu.be/2vpU5jkpGQs

Music: Ethan Meixsell - "Demilitarized Zone"

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