MMA HIIT At home workout #8 Full body kid friendly

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MMA HIIT Fitness at home workout # 8 Kid Friendly Full body


35 Minutes
10 Stations/Rounds
3 Minutes per station
2 Exercises per Station (Do them back and forth)
30 seconds active rest in between stations
*Equipment needed* *ball or medicine ball*
Round 1- #1- Ball step ups 20x
#2 Jump Squats + ball touch 10x
30 second Active rest: Running mountain climbers on ball

Round 2- #1 Jumping knee tucks 10x
#2 Diamond push up on the ball 10x
30 second Active rest: Jumps over the ball

Round 3- #1 Trunk twisters with the ball 25x
#2 Leg lift hold + chest ball pumps 30x
30 second Active rest: High plank hold + straight leg lifts

Round 4- #1-Squat Ball hold 30 seconds
#2- Ball wrestling bridges 20x
30 second Active rest: Bear crawl in all directions

Round 5 - #1-Leg lifts 20x
#2 Boat pose overhead press with the ball 15x
30 second Active rest: Bicycles knee to elbows

Round 6 -#1- Boat pose knee tucks with ball 15x
#2- Overhead squat with the ball 15x
30 seconds Active rest: Push ups with one arm one the ball

Round 7 - #1-Butterfly sit ups 20x
#2-Advanced ball step ups 20x
30 seconds Active rest: Shuffle around the ball

Round 8 - #1 Hollow body rolls 10x
#2- Crab kicks 20x
30 seconds Active rest: Side to side leg lifts with the ball

Round 9 - #1- Superman hold with the ball 20 sec
#2- High plank lateral ball passes 20x
30 seconds Active rest: Leg lifts over the ball

Round 10 - #1- Buttkickers + forward chest pumps 20x
#2- High plank hold on the ball 30 sec
Active rest: Jumping switch lunges

I hope you enjoyed the workout! Pass it on to someone else and help make the world a healthier place.

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