Michael Bisping is getting nose surgery (the Michael Bisping UFC/MMA podcast)

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I do not own these clips - everyone go and subscribe to Michael Bisping's & Luis Gomez's youtube channel, and listen to the podcast for the best MMA content from an expert of the game - NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! full video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aJKZRRPt4Q

Welcome back to another video from MMATALK!

In this video, we get a clip from Michael Bisping's and Luis Gomez's MMA/UFC youtube channel, the Michael Bisping Podcast. The full video is - Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #108 FULL VIDEO - Bold Predictions , were Michael Bisping talks about his fighting career, his broken nose, and cosmetic surgery.

Whole summary Michael Bisping's fighting injuries -

Manchester native Bisping, who takes on Kelvin Gastelum in the main event of UFC Fight Night 122 on Saturday afternoon, has been fighting with a badly disfigured eye for the last four years.
The severity of the damage to Bisping’s right eye is so severe that one only needs to take a passing glance at Britain’s first UFC belt holder to notice it.
So who was the man responsible for disfiguring Bisping’s right eye? Bisping reflected on the incident a few years later during an appearance on The Three Amigos podcast, saying: "We all know the dangers of this sport. I mean, we're trying to knock each other out.
“I’ve been left permanently disfigured, if you will, from my fight with Vitor Belfort. Vitor Belfort head kicked me and that's what caused my detached retina. Since then, I've had five surgeries, and my eye is never going to look the same again.“That was one of the reasons why I said I was never fighting anybody else with a steroid history.”
Bisping will be looking to erase the memory of his UFC 217 loss to Georges St-Pierre when he takes on Gastelum, who he faces on less than three weeks notice.

Novitzky explains that a urine sample collected from Jon Jones’ test earlier this year came back positive for a long term metabolite, which was the same substance Jones was sanctioned for in July of 2017. Novitzky details that this was not a re-ingestion of the substance, but rather it was the remaining effects from the 2017 test. Novitzky adds that they took this issue to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and says they understood the issue, but because of the holidays there wasn’t enough time to fully handle the situation. He then details the UFC's decision to take the issue to the state of California, which is where they were able to grant Jones a license to fight. (1:56) Dana and Jeff stress that this is not another positive test from Jones, just remaining effects from the 2017 test. (4:10) Dana explains what this means for the other fights on the UFC 232 card, saying he is going to do everything he can to make the transition as smooth as possible. (5:09) Dana says that fans who bought tickets in Las Vegas will be fully refunded and tickets for Los Angeles will go on sale on Wednesday December 26th.

Corey interview - “I looked over at my wife. I could see she was uncomfortable with the baby – I could see how many people were inconvenienced. I was talking to the UFC employees – who did a great job taking care of us – but you could see they were all frustrated and flustered. You could hear it in their voices. They were worn out.
“Then Jon came on the plane. He was dancing, having a good time like this isn’t his fault. If that was me, I would feel like s**t because these people had to leave their families, change their plans because I messed up.
“I would have made a general apology when I got on the plane. I would have let everyone know that I was sorry. Instead, he was laughing, joking, having a good time, cracking jokes with the pilots.
“I remember looking at the back of his head the whole time and thinking ‘I gotta get there’. I have to win this fight this weekend and start my way to being the champ.”

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