Metal Gear Acid 2 Extreme Beach Volley Ball S-Rank LP - #05 Research Block

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Deck Build:
2 Action++
2 Briefing +
2 COST-5
2 COST-6
2 COST-8
2 COST-12
4 Genome Soldier+
2 Navy Seals+
2 Ocelot Unit+
2 Ocelot Unit
2 Johnny Sasaki+
2 Raiden+
2 Running Man+
2 Solid Snake (MGS2)+

The fifth vid of my MGA2 LP. The "Almost Naked" refers to this being a weaponless run, barring chaff grenades, boxes, equipment for boss fights and the like. To make things a bit more interesting, this run will have:

No Alerts (that aren't mandatory)
No kills (that aren't mandatory)
No knocking out guards
No stealth camo
No rare cards
(And possibly) No Psycho Mantis card (We'll see how that goes.)
All S-rank story missions

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