Mads Brink Hansen Performance Optimization in Danish Elite Badminton - Strength and Conditioning

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During the 2018 Sports Science Conference, staged at the Halmstad University from the 25th to the 27th of April, just before the Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships, Mads Brink Hansen gave a interesting lecture about performance optimization in Danish Badminton with a focus on strength and conditioning.

Even though he talks mostly about badminton, he presents a system that can be applied to any sport.

During his lecture he talks about:

- He introduces himself, explains what his lecture will be about, what is Team Denmark, and how they work "The Danish Way" (0:00-4:03)

- The importance of communication and understanding the sport you are involved with, the law of 3T's, NASA (4:03-9:39)

- The strength and conditioning approach, the importance of not letting your players get limited by their strength and conditioning level (9:39-13:42)

- Badminton - Physical demands of the sport and how to structure your strength and conditioning sessions during the season (13:42-19:35)

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