Isklar Norseman 2018 - MOTHER - a story about the elements.

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The 2018 Official Isklar Norseman Film

You are all pioneers, you are breaking with convention.
But you are not first.
It’s all about you to be brave enough to follow in the footsteps of the people before you.
My responsibility is to make you feel uncomfortable. But there is a deep connection between us, and we trust each other.
When you learn about my strengths and your weaknesses, you’re only doing what you have always done.
You dig deep. Deeper than you have ever reached before into your absolute core. Once there. You don’t feel pain. There is just stillness, and beauty.
You become aware of every inch of yourself.
The balance between body and mind
Confronted with the power at my hand
it is a soothing feeling to know you are so small.
Your power is your mind keeping calm. Refusing to give in. One more stride.
You ask yourself why you are still doing this.
It’s because of the invisible strings that ties us together. I am you, and you are me.
When you started this journey you knew I was going to be hard on you. But you kept going. And going. Through all the pain. Mental and physical. All the way up to my highest peak.
Each time you reach your limit. I give you a new challenge, and you erase that limit.
I’ve been here forever. You are here for a moment.
A Norseman.

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