How Were 24 Players Drafted Ahead of Mike Trout? | Baseball Bits

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Mike Trout was definitely the best player in the 2009 MLB Draft. In this episode of Baseball Bits, a Foolish Baseball production, we journey back to the Mike Trout high school days. His hometown? Mike Trout Millville. They don't call him the Millville Meteor for nothing. So we have to pay attention to his Mike Trout New Jersey days, where he attended Millville High School.

We take a look at the players drafted before Mike Trout. There were 24 in total, including #1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg. It was a magical day when Stephen Strasburg drafted. But even more important was the Mike Trout draft and when Mike Trout drafted. The Mike Trout draft class is an interesting one littered with high school hitters who didn't make the bigs, yet Trout rocketed through the minors and became a superstar in his Mike Trout rookie year.

We also take a look at some Mike Trout Perfect Game showcase data. He wasn't as active on the showcase scene as some of his peers.

All in all, we should be thankful we got to see the Angels draft Mike Trout. At least he wasn't a second round pick. The MLB Network 2009 Draft coverage was thought to be an embarassment due to having one player show up. I guess they're lucky that he just happened to be Mike Trout.


How Mike Trout Fells to the Angels: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26864123/draft-heist-century-how-mike-trout-fell-angels

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