How I find running/triathlon motivation // Running VLOG 12.8.18

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3 hours in 35 degrees+rain is always a tough ask. Today I'm talking running and triathlon motivation and what gets me off the couch on days like this.
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JustinDoesTriathlon is dedicated to helping first timers, beginners, and intermediate triathletes meet their athletic goals on the swim, bike, and run! Follow along my training vlog as I train and race. Stick around for gear tips, gear reviews, and more! If you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve your swimming, biking, or running, then it's my mission to help you out! Triathlon can be super intimidating, but it's a great sport if you can get through that initial intimidation and get out there. Triathlon gear reviews, training tips, and my own racing vlogs are here to help keep you motivated and up to date in the sport. Thanks for following!

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