Fastball...Made Me Like Baseball | Fortnite *THICC* Skin Review | *NEW* Item Shop

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All credit for "meme" sound effects/green screen go to their respective owners.

PSA: all my videos are mainly jokes. please don't take anything i say serious. i don't mean no harm to anyone in the audience or anyone i mention. the videos are purely for entertainment only. do not go after anyone mentioned/featured in the video. i don't condone behavior of that nature. as always, have a freakin' awesome day.

today the item shop fortnite gods blessed us with the three strikes set! I'm not a bid baseball fan at all, but the fastball skin made gain some interest. she's cute, thicc and did i mention thicc? her man's slugger is ugly.. so imma pass on him. in this vid i try some emotes and stuff so uh hope u enjoy. kick back, grab some popcorn and laugh at my skin review! hopefully season 8 keeps dropping us some heat

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