EM Legend 13 - Saenchai vs Jonathan Tuhu

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EM Legend 13: Classic Fight: Whirlwind Kicks VS Tricks

Saenchai is called “King of Trick” by people because he keeps changing skills of Muay Thai when getting in the ring, liking a fighting Kaleidoscope. Though he only 170cm in height, he is good at using various tactics, including kicking, jumping, footwork and spinning kick, making him an excellent fighter.

Saenchai accepted challenge from Jonathan Tuhu in EM Legend 13. Jonathan Tuhu comes from Papua New Guinea, a fighter who transferred from a taekwondo player into a Muay Thai player, is called “Black Gold of Africa”. With a professional record of 22 wins and 5 loses, he won the intercontinental gold belt of the world Taekwodo Federation. And he once knocked his opponent out by a 360-degree kick.

Face a fighter who is good at using whirlwind kick, Saenchai showed his tricks in the first round, while Jonathan behaved in a restrained way. When the game came to the last minute of the second round, Saenchai found a chance to deliver an accurate cross, knocking Jonathan down easily, then won the game by KO.

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