Donnie Yen vs Mike Tyson - IP Man 3

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IP Man decides to confront Frank in his office, where he engages IP in a three-minute fight, promising to leave him alone if he can just last the three minutes. Ip is initially overwhelmed by his opponent's sheer muscle and force but begins turning the tide when he attacks Frank's lower half and they fight to a draw after the three minutes pass. Ip leaves the office and Frank keeps his promise, seemingly impressed.


I am Chinese...I have practiced Wing Chun and TKD in China- and I can tell you 1st hand it is more meant for exercise than combat. In real life, Bruce Lee admitted that Muhammad Ali would win easily in a street fight because Ali sparred much more often. The fighter with more experience would win- and Donnie is primarily an actor- then Martial Artist. Tyson was the best boxing striker in the world- and barely an actor.

Tyson was the youngest undisputed HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD. Youngest man to ever fight and unify 3 belts that Boxing had to offer. Mike Tyson at 18 and Cus as his trainer- that combination of talent and coach/father and son was UNBEATABLE. Muhammad Ali said he wasn't scared of Big George Foreman- but he would have been scared to fight Mike Tyson since he was so much more fast.

Sorry to those who think Asian martial arts is effective in the streets. 1 year of Wrestling training in Russia and 1 year of boxing training in US- could beat any lifelong traditional martial artist... And Tyson is one of the best to ever do it... Also- big weight difference between the two of them. There is a reason for weight classes- UFC, OneChampionship, Bellator, even in K1 and Asian prize fights....

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