Bob Sapp 171 kg MMA vs BUTTERBEAN 180 kg Boxer

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Contest of two amazing giant MMA and Box fighters.
Bob Sapp is 200 cm and 171 kg K1 and MMA fighter. He is well known in Mixed Martial Arts
Butterbean is 180 com and 180 kg mainly K1 and Boxing fighter.
They meet in SUMU contest where Bob Sapp dominated. Hever who knows hiw woud end the contest in real MMA or UFC figur??? What do yo think?

Welcome back to the world of MMA! Today our review is devoted to the destruction of real monsters of large masses in MMA. Is weight important in a fight? This question is often asked by martial art lovers whether extra few tens of kilograms will help them to win in a real battle. We receive answers to all these questions in MMA. Today you will see few fights of teh really big guys.

Bob Sapp MMA vs Butterbean BOX: https://youtu.be/IFd21dHbsMM

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