Beach Volleyball Tips: DEFENSE with LINE block - Strategy and Video Breakdown

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How to play defense in beach volleyball specifically with a line block.

Basic overview:

1. Make sure your blocker is taking away the line of the court in order to prevent the hitter from hitting down in this area. This allows you as the defender to worry about the "hard" hit (spike) to only go in one direction (being the cross court specifically).

2. As a defender I recommend going to your base position, which is a few feet from each line and read the information your opponent is giving you. For example, is the set tight? Meaning you should expect a poke if the blocker is doing their job; is the hitters approach strong? Meaning the hitter will most likely hit the ball hard; is the hitter taking looks at the court? meaning they are watching your moves and you could use this to your advantage; etc. etc.

3. After receiving information from your opponent react to the situation and go to the spot you feel will help you dig the ball best. If you don't know what the opponent is going to do, I recommend staying in your base and reacting to the situation. Performing some fakes in your base might help to bait your opponent to hitting a spot you want them to hit.

Let me know if you guys have any questions

Thank you mission beach volleyball for the footage

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