Baseball prize giveaway (including a custom Wilson glove) for my 2018 charity fundraiser

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Donate money to my favorite baseball charity. Win some awesome stuff.

This video shows the prize drawing. Lots of lucky people here. The 10 winners are:

1) Marcia Lindall
2) Joey Sowada
3) Judge Ben
4) Ansh Gupta
5) Andy Tiffany
6) Quintin Mortensen
7) Rachel Fields
8) Ryan Noone
9) Gary Susdorf
10 Kevin Stern

Bonus/potential winners (if any of the 10 people listed above don't want or claim prizes):

1) Dave Yoken
2) Kelly Tungland
3) Thomas McKee

Custom glove winner:

Jeremiah Kramer

Bonus/potential glove winner (if Jeremiah doesn’t want it or claim it):

James Lee

If your name was picked in this video, email me from the address you used to make your donation and give me a list of your prize choices in order. (If you were picked 4th, for example, send me four choices, and you'll get your highest choice that's still remaining after the people ahead of you pick.) You also need to send me your full mailing address.

Here are some places to check out the charity Pitch In For Baseball:

Website: pifb.org
Twitter: @PitchInBaseball
Instagram: @pitchinforbaseball

If you want to take one final look at my fundraising page, here it is:


Congrats to the winners. Thanks to everyone for donating and also for watching this video. It all makes a difference. Much love!

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