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This black & white film is about learning how to pitch certain pitches taught by the legendary Babe Ruth. The copyright is 1956.

Opening: Castle Films presents Babe Ruth, King of Swat in Perfect Control (:06-:20). A teacher teaches geography to a class. A student raises his hand but the teacher will not call on him. Another child sits on the dunce chair while the teacher has the class recite the times tables. A child seated has a Babe Ruth book and he opens the book to see a picture of Babe Ruth (:21-1:27). The boy falls asleep, wakes up and sees the janitor walk by who then turns into Babe Ruth. The child rises, smiling, Babe enters and tells the teacher not to keep the boys inside when there's baseball to be played. Babe Ruth scolds the teacher and the boys all race outside. Babe Ruth has the boys gathered around him. Babe Ruth puts on his glove and prepares to pitch. The teacher comes outside and asks to catch. The teacher shows an old photo of himself playing baseball (1:28-3:51). Babe asks the teacher to catch. The teacher puts on the catchers outfit. Babe throws a pitch and hits the catcher in the throat, the kids laugh. After that, the Babe starts throwing back and forth to the catcher. Babe Ruth throws all types of pitches. Slow motion of Babe throwing (3:52-5:21). Babe shows how to throw a curve ball, the difference between a fastball and a curve. The Babe pitches and the boy who's batting steps away from the pitch. Babe shows the boys how to throw a knuckleball and then throws it in slow motion. The Babe talks about control and holds the ball. He has the catcher hold the glove without moving and he aims and gets the ball in it. An African American child asks to pitch the other boys take other positions (5:22-6:56). Babe Ruth steps into the batter's box. The African American boy pitches to Babe and he hits one to the right, then the left and then up the center. The fourth pitch is drilled by Babe Ruth deep. A boy says he has it, runs after it, starts going up a slide, starts to fall back and falls into his teachers arms, knocking them both over. The boy wakes up and starts doing the times table. The Babe Ruth picture in the book winks at the boy (6:57-8:03). No end credits .

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