Amateur Wing Chun Fighter vs 5x Kickbox Champion (GLORY & K-1)

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Hard pressure testing of my Wing Chun skills against the #1 rated K-1 fighter in the UK, Yannis the Greekboy Skordilis (60 pro fights)

I'm always up for a challenge that pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone.

Not only did I dare to ask him for a sparring session, I decided to handicap myself, using ONLY Wing Chun, wearing big ass boxing gloves!

I'm a Wing Chun beginner (3rd level out of 10) with just 1.5 years of training. And I cannot even use everything I know because of 1) the gloves and 2) kickboxing rules restrictions.

This isn't an excuse for something, just stating facts. Combat sports and MMA are not self defense, which I explain in detail in the video. Wing Chun is more effective for the streets, to end fights brutally and quickly.

Yannis is a 2x European champion, 2x British champion, 1x Greek Champion and GLORY contracted kickboxer with 18 years of training martial arts.

He's also a personal trainer and I've recently started working with him. I've improved a lot thanks to him and I highly recommend that you hit him up if you're in the UK.


I hope this is as much an entertaining as well as an educating watch!

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