A dip in form for Egy & PSV? | S3E21 | Become a Legend Story Mode | PES 2019

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Everything has been going so well for PSV and their Indonesian starlet Egy - no reason to suggest this wont continue in this episode...is there?


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- Jack Bizz
- Andreas Pavic
- Riley Horton
- Kian
- Manjot Singh
- Parker Frederick
- Dan McKeown (Snake Doctor)
- Creeg
- Nick Tyldsley
- Mathew Wadsworth
- Matthew Whelan
- Scott Symonds
- Sue Hunter
- Rory Carr
- thedrb
- Shogun FC


- Michael Hay
- David Reis
- Lawrence Wang
- Cullen Fagan
- Craig Lewis
- Chris Gove
- Alan Fletcher
- Ben Kavanagh
- Ian Wanley
- Tuan Hoang
- Ricardo Tavares

You are all legends.

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